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The Charlotte Duncan Award was established in 2009 in memory of our baby daughter, Charlotte Duncan, to raise funds for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital. Donation to date is $2162.


Charlotte Duncan Award 2014 Shortlist and Winners


First Prize

Chasing Butterflies

Jemma van de Nes

Second Prize


Anna Jacobson

Third Prize


Juliet Blair

Short Listed

Park Ride

Dimity Powell

Short Listed

A Sunflower Symphony

Michiko Parnelll

Short Listed

There's Always Sunshine

Melissa Wray


Judge's Report - 2014

First prize - Chasing Butterflies by Jemma van de Nes

'Chasing Butterflies' expresses the dynamics of friendships and how quickly they can be lost and how new ones can be formed. How such minor things, in this case, being good at netball, can be the cause of both. This very issue is a relatable one for many children and teens - everyone has had that one thing they want to get better at for the attention it might bring.

With quirky and easy to read dialogue, that is, at times, fun and cheeky, the story even hints at just a little bit more between Millie and Ben for those who'd like to read it that way.


Second prize - Apples by Anna Jacobson

'Apples' is a tale of a blossoming friendship between Marco and Wendy. Brought together by both getting in trouble in class for the same reason, it is a relatable and convincing story of how two young people can meet and befriend one another - because we've all sat in class and basically nodded off. But the story takes on a slight complexity, adding a hiccup in the form of Wendy's mother's illness.

With fairly simple writing, the story is easy to read and shows believable interaction between the young characters.


Third Prize - Ancestors by Juliet Blair

This story highlights the difficulties that young people can face in fitting in with the popular crowd and how peer pressure can work to stifle the most interesting parts of a person. Anna's change of heart at the end shows wisdom and strength of character beyond her years as she embraces her heritage despite how Brittany and the others will torment her afterwards.


Paul Collins
Judge, Charlotte Duncan Award 2014


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