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The Charlotte Duncan Award was established in 2009 in memory of our baby daughter, Charlotte Duncan, to raise funds for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital.


Charlotte Duncan Award 2015 - Winners


First Prize

Ned's New House

Bruna Romanin

Second Prize

The Black Dog

Jemma van de Nes

Third Prize

The Buddy Mix-up Match-up

Danika Hall

Highly Commended

Getting to Know You

Dimity Powell


Judges Report

First prize - Ned's New House by Bruna Romanin

Ned's New House instantly evokes a strong sense of place, echoing the importance the protagonist places on his surrounding environment. The character of Ned provides a fascinating glimpse into the everyday life of an autistic child - his trials and his triumphs. The seemingly simple plot progresses at a good pace and ends on a hopeful, unsentimental note.


Second prize - The Black Dog by Jemma van de Nes

The Black Dog begins mysteriously and tantalisingly. Indi's story is slowly revealed, keeping the reader interested. Plot and character are fleshed out as the back-story of Indi and her father cleverly are interwoven into Indi's struggles to get through each day. The resolution is foreshadowed yet unexpected.


Third Prize - The Buddy Mix-up Match-up by Danika Hall

The Buddy Mix-up Match-up uses first-person narration to good effect, with the main character Beth's emotions and thoughts propelling the story. The school setting and plot will be familiar to the intended audience, and this combined with the sweet tone and engaging protagonist make for an appealing story.

Highly Commended - Getting to Know You by Dimity Powell

Getting to Know You drops the reader into the topical issue of social media, told through the experience of its twelve-year-old protagonist. The well-developed relationships between the main character and her family and friends round out the issue-based story. Suzie's feelings and actions will be recognisable to many kids, giving them insight into friendship - both online and in person.


Paul Collins
Judge, Charlotte Duncan Award 2015


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