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Short and Twisted 2017

Short and Twisted, an anthology of short stories and poetry with a twist at the end, is seeking submissions of short stories (2000 words, 500 words and 100 words), poetry and images for the 2017 issue. Submissions are now open and close on 31 January 2017.

Submission Guidelines - 2017 (29KB)

Short and Twisted 2016

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Charlotte Duncan Award for childrens writing 2016

The Charlotte Duncan Award was established in 2009 in memory of our baby daughter, Charlotte Duncan, to raise funds for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital.

Congratulations to the Winners
of the Charlotte Duncan Award 2016

First Prize - Concrete Boots by Dimity Powell
Second Prize - I am Here by Arna Radovich
Third Prize - Emily's Blue Shoes by Myra Koch


Recent releases

Mr Crikey and the Greedy Griffith

Mr Crikey and the Greedy Griffith by Matt Porter

When wildlife warrior Mr Crikey bursts into the classroom of Grade 6B wrestling a python, the students think the saviour of the local Swimming Hole has arrived. Mr Crikey sets about helping the students raise money to purchase the Swimming Hole, and the surrounding bushland, and save it from the hands of developers. However, their plans are thrown into disarray when suave businessman Benjamin Griffith rents out the class storeroom and subsequently purchases shares in the students. Griffith forces the students to work for him and turns the classroom into a money earning regime with initiatives such as 'walk-thru learning'. Will the students of Grade 6B be able to regain power of their classroom and save the Swimming Hole?

Who are the other Crazy Relief teachers? Find out more.

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Reviewed by Margaret Warner (89KB)


In Hades by Goldie Alexander

In Hades

Aurealis Awards 2014 Finalist - Young Adult Short Story

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Kai and Bilby-G have cared little for the impact their actions have had on other people. When tragedy strikes, they are thrown into a journey of self-reflection where they must explore the real meaning of trust, love, family and forgiveness.






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A Game of Keeps by Dianne Bates

A Game of Keeps

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Bright and cheerful Ashley lives with her mum and pet guinea pig, Froggie. Ashley wants a lot of things in her life: a puppy, to be a dancer or actress when she grows up, and more attention from her mum. Most of all she wants her parents to be reunited.

When Ashley is faced with major changes in her life she meets Daisy and Will, a couple from 'Aunts and Uncles'. In them she finds a loving couple able to support and encourage her just when she needs it. But can they help Ashley develop the closer relationship with her mum that she yearns for and guide her through the changes ahead?


Nobody's Boy

CBCA Book of the Year Awards 2013 - Notable Book

Ron Green's family is broken, just like him. He isn't able to live with his mum or dad, or step-mother. He's nobody's boy. Now he's being fostered by his aunt who has three sons of her own. It's a chaotic, angry environment, and young Ron isn't at all happy. When strangers, Rosie and Bob, offer to care for him, he jumps at the chance, rebels against his aunt, and is placed with them. It's the kind of home he's always dreamed of. There is only one thing missing. He aches to be with his dad ...

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